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Bohally Marine Team

Bohally Students Step Up

A confident group of Bohally students helped to run a workshop for teachers at Momorangi Bay during Conservation Week. With support from their teacher Phill Johnson, as well as MDC, DOC, and Richard de Hamel (University of Otago's Marine Studies Centre), this group trained and then ran a number of hands-on science and nature activities at the workshop.  Their job was to help the teachers explore and experience DOC's education kits, for use in forest, stream, and seashore settings.  These kits are available for schools that are camping or day-tripping in this stunning spot.The weather did not co-operate on the day of the workshop, with everyone having to don raincoats to get out and experience the stream, forest and seashore activities...

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Hannah & Liam The Rubbish Trip

Talking Trash with The Rubbish Trip

Trash-talk has never been as inspiring as it was this week at ‘The Rubbish Trip’ sessions for Marlborough teachers and senior students. Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince were in town as part of their year-long journey around New Zealand, sharing the 'why' behind their decision to live without a rubbish bin, and tips and tricks to help us all explore what our next steps might be in reducing the waste in our schools, kindergartens, homes and lives.  It was a cracking start to our Enviroschools Marlborough theme for 2018: EXPLORE!If you didn’t manage to get along, The Rubbish Trip website is a fantastic resource, sharing what Hannah and Liam have learnt and thought about during their trip,...

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