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photosynthesis in action

Hands-on learning about photosynthesis

At Witherlea School, the Term 3 inquiry topic was science: the perfect fit for gardening which is all about science. Students investigated photosynthesis: the process that plants use to make their food. The children learnt why the leaves are so important. They are mini food factories! The leaves use sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make sugar which gives the plants the energy they need to grow. Chlorophyll is the amazing compound that mixes the ingredients to make the sugar. The whole process takes place just under the surface of the leaves in the chloroplasts.They found that the process of photosynthesis is not only important for the plants but also for us: this is because...

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Kaitiaki for the awa

Blenheim School: Kaitiaki for the awa

Tamariki at Blenheim School have been thinking about how they care for a place that is very special to their school: The Taylor River. The Envirogroup got together to think about kaitiakitanga, and talked about all of the different kaitiaki that care for the Taylor awa.  These include ātua (e.g.: Tangaroa and Tamanuiterā), taonga species (e.g. tuna | eels), iwi/mana whenua, council, and community members.  The students discovered that they can be kaitiaki for the awa too, as the more kaitiaki the awa has, the healthier the awa will be!  They all had loads of examples of why the river is special to them.  It turns out that they have already been doing some things...

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Growing potatoes

Learning about the humble spud

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a potato?  MASHED POTATO! Term 3 is a popular time of year in the Kids Edible Gardens.  For most children participating, they are chitting (sprouting) potatoes, eagerly waiting to plant them into buckets for class potato growing competitions or planting into their garden beds.  There is a lot of discussion as to how they will cook them: mashed with butter and cheese, roasted with summer herbs, added to boiled eggs as a salad or simply boiled with mint and eaten with lots of dipping butter!  The most excitement, however, is digging them up before leaving school for their long summer holiday.There is, of course, much...

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River artwork

Student artwork by the Taylor River

Student artwork will soon grace some of the entrances to Blenheim's Taylor River. Some of the Springlands Go MAD (Make a Difference) students came up with an idea to design artwork with messages to remind people to take care of special reserves in our region.  The students displayed all the artwork in the staffroom window and then asked the school to vote on their six favourites. The MDC reserves team kindly turned these six artworks into signs that will be displayed on some of the entrances to the Taylor River. This was an exciting project that was totally developed by students with a bit of support. Look out for the signs when you are next...

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Student workshop_Mar 2020

Student Workshop | Term 1 2020

Save the date for this workshop for student enviro-leaders: Wednesday 4 March 2020 Enviroschools are hosting this one-day workshop for student enviro-leaders and their teachers.More details to come in 2020.Please register your school's interest with Annie McDonald (

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Teachers Workshop 2020

Teachers’ Workshop | Term 1 2020

Save the date for this workshop for Marlborough teachers: Tuesday 3 March 2020 Enviroschools are hosting this one-day teachers' workshop to give you some tools and inspiration for 2020.  We can provide teacher release and a light lunch will also be provided.Please register your interest with Annie McDonald (

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Seaweek | 29 February – 8 March 2020

NZAEE Seaweek | Kaupapa Moana 2020 Ko au te moana, ko te moana ko au | I am the sea, the sea is me Hosted by the NZ Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE), Seaweek 2020 focuses on learning about the ocean because it is so important to all our lives, no matter how far you are from it!Visit to find out how you can get involved. Organise an event If you'd like to get involved in Seaweek by organising a Marlborough event, no matter how small, contact Wendy Sullivan ( to find out how she can support you. ...

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Green Gold Collective at Renwick School

Renwick School hosts Green Gold Collective

It was a treat for teachers from our three Marlborough Green Gold schools to visit Renwick School this term. Hosted by students in the Green Ferns group with support from their lead teachers, we saw a presentation on some of their actions for this year.  These included their school-wide BioBlitz in Term 2 and their Enviro-week in Term 3.  Students shared the learning that followed on from the BioBlitz, such as entries into the science fair.  The 'Stream Team' took us to see the changes they have been making to protect the school stream, including regular waste clean-ups and weeding sessions.  It was exciting to hear they have seen some fish and an eel...

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Paper4trees logo

Paper4trees Update: Term 4 2019

Your school or early childhood centre should have received the Term 4 email newsletter from Paper4trees by now. Trees for 2020 can be ordered from 1st January to 31st March 2020.  If you've lost your login details or need some information about how to record your recycling, you can click here for instructions.Further information can be found on the Paper4Trees website.   ...

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