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Growing potatoes

Learning about the humble spud

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a potato?  MASHED POTATO! Term 3 is a popular time of year in the Kids Edible Gardens.  For most children participating, they are chitting (sprouting) potatoes, eagerly waiting to plant them into buckets for class potato growing competitions or planting into their garden beds.  There is a lot of discussion as to how they will cook them: mashed with butter and cheese, roasted with summer herbs, added to boiled eggs as a salad or simply boiled with mint and eaten with lots of dipping butter!  The most excitement, however, is digging them up before leaving school for their long summer holiday.There is, of course, much...

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Renwick clean up

Enviro week at Renwick School

Ellen Theobald, co-leader of Renwick School's 'Green Ferns' enviro group, wrote this article to tell us about the school's recent Enviro Week activities. Our Green Ferns organised a really fun Enviro Week to coincide with the Climate Strikes and the work done by Climate Karanga and George Varney (Climate Youth Action Team) at the tree planting opportunity that was offered to schools.We also decided that we need to raise the profile of recycling within our classrooms as school systems changed and we needed to educate everyone to let them know what to do.

The Green Ferns ran a competition where classes were encouraged to decorate their cardboard and paper recycling bins (Thanks...

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Paper4Trees Marlborough

Paper4Trees Update

Paper and cardboard recycling in Marlborough schools and kindergartens is going strong, and is benefitting our region in a number of ways. Through the Paper4Trees programme, 190 new native trees were earned in the 2016/2017 year, due to the recycling of 38 tonnes of paper and cardboard!  These recycling efforts also saved over 300 m³ of landfill space, and prevented over 200 tonnes of CO2 from being produced in landfill.  Since Marlborough joined in 2009, more than 1,300 trees have been earnt, through over 300 tonnes of paper and cardboard recycling.  Ka mau te wehi, Marlborough!Marlborough District Council is continuing its support of this excellent programme this year, so make sure that your school or early childhood...

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New garden at Rapaura School

Edible Gardens Update | Rapaura School

Edible gardens facilitator, Angela Wentworth, updates us on what was going on in the Rapaura School garden last term. 'Parts of the plant' salad To start the term, the children from Jellyman Room went on a discovery walk through the garden to look at what was growing; tasting pak choi flowers and picking celery and lettuce for the 'parts of the plant' salad they were going to make that afternoon. Before heading to the kitchen, they sowed some zucchini, pumpkin and corn, learning that growing your vegetables from seed is a lot cheaper than buying vegetables from the supermarket.  Each of the ingredients of the salad came from a different part of a plant:the leaves of...

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Cooking cauliflower rice

Edible gardens update | Blenheim School

Tracy, Edible Gardens Facilitator at Blenheim School, updates us on a busy Term 4 in the garden. Our whenua (soil) needs just as much care as the plants we grow.  The children started their term discussing soil. With pH testers in hand, they tested and compared the soils in each of their garden beds.  They discovered different plants like different soil types and poor soils can be improved by adding organic matter or compost.  Swapping testers for spades and trowels, the children prepared a bed for their summer corn crop, and spread mulch on some of garden beds in preparation for the judging of the Garden Marlborough Best School Garden Awards.  To show the judges how...

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Action projects at Canvastown School

Students have been busy taking ACTION at Canvastown School this year.  Here are two great descriptive stories written by the students about two student-led construction projects.  It is so fantastic to be able to share writing that students have done about their projects - please send us yours too! A brand new bug hotel What we did:We rebuilt the Bug HotelWhy we did it:We rebuilt the Bug Hotel because it was old and it was rotting.How we broke it apart: Shianne used her muscles, a hammer and a crowbar to break it. Charlie helped as well.They tore it apart wood from wood. We also dug up pittosporum tree saplings, to use for our next project. (The Living Hut).Problems we encountered:The...

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Fantastic farmers

Rai Valley’s Fantastic Farmers

The Year 13 Enviro Class at Rai Valley Area School made this poster (and scones!) to highlight the wonderful work that local farmers are doing to improve water quality in the area. The class has been studying water quality in the local rivers throughout the year.  They have spoken to scientists, joined them to test water and river health, and examined data on water quality for themselves.  They have been highly impressed by many of the awesome things that farmers are doing to improve the health of Rai Valley's rivers, such as fencing off waterways, building bridges or creating underpasses for stock to cross rivers, growing plants for riparian and wetland plantings, and building barns...

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riverlands cloches

Kids’ Edible Gardens Update

Riverlands School Children at Riverlands School began last term’s ‘Edible Gardens’ sessions by introducing both themselves and their garden to Mrs A: their new gardening facilitator!  While walking around the garden and showing Mrs A the vegetables growing in it, they also checked for seeds that could be saved for future plantings.  They found some bean seeds inside their dried-out pods.  Together they picked them, and put them into a bag to store for planting out in the spring.Having not been used for a number of weeks, the garden needed tidying.  While the students were weeding, they discussed the topic of composting, and learnt that it was all about putting goodness back into the...

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Fairhall School Kids Edible Gardens

Kids’ Edible Gardens Update

Fairhall School The focus for Term 2 was compost making, starting with the critters that help with that process – the ‘Recycling Gang’!  The children laid out samples of compost onto tarpaulins, then used their observation skills to look for and identify some of the bugs living in their compost heap.  They found worms, slaters, centipedes and slugs.  Next, they watched a video clip on a bug that we don’t want in New Zealand: the brown marmorated stink bug.  Now that these students know how to identify insects, they will be able to be super sleuths in our gardens, protecting our fruit and vegetables from unwanted invaders.The next topic explored was winter pruning.  The...

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Gardening at Blenheim School

Kids’ Edible Gardens update

Blenheim School It was a very wet Term 2 at Blenheim School – it seemed to rain every gardening day!  The children found plenty to do inside the classroom.  They investigated how plants talk to them and what it means when the leaves of some plants turn yellow.  Their citrus trees had yellow leaves, and the children discovered that the trees were probably suffering from a lack of nitrogen or iron.  Between showers, the children gave them a good feed with layers of lawn clippings, blood and bone, compost and mulch.  Back inside, they talked about replenishing the soil and resting beds.Having planned to build another compost heap, it rained yet again.  Instead, the...

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