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Tamariki share their love of monarchs

Tamariki share love of monarch butterflies

In April a group of tamariki and kaiako from Picton Kindergarten visited the Kuini Harata Kaitiaki (Queen Charlotte College Kaitaiki team) to deliver a presentation about monarch butterflies.

Picton Kindergarten share love of monarch butterflies

The tamariki were very knowledgeable and explained the life cycle of monarch butterflies, their food source, how to protect them, and what predators they are vulnerable to. The QCC Kaitaki students also learnt about the important work happening with the Monarch Butterfly tagging programme, so we all can find out where our Marlborough Monarchs go to ‘overwinter’.

Picton Kindergarten kindly gifted the kaitiaki group some swan plant seeds and their very own caterpillar who they have named ‘Jo’.  Jo is doing very nicely, eating lots and getting big and fat.  The QCC Kaitiaki were very grateful to have the tamariki from Picton Kindergarten share their knowledge and inspire them.  QCC Kaitiaki are now joining the tagging programme, so any donations of swan plants during the year will be gratefully received.