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Wrappin' at Blenheim School

Wrappin’ at Blenheim School

Last term, students at Blenheim School took action to make their lunchboxes more sustainable.

The whole school was involved in a beeswax wrap making day, where each student made and took home their own wrap.  Led by teacher aide and Enviroschools lead Tracy Holdaway, the wraps were made using a special recipe of beeswax, jojoba oil and resin (recipe and ingredients from Pure Nature), which resulted in a beautifully soft, pliable, and slightly adhesive wrap.  Once the students had finished, 60 more wraps were made to sell at a very affordable price from the school office.  The Envirogroup are hoping that this initiative will raise awareness about alternatives to single-use plastic wrappers in lunchboxes, and see a reduction in the amount of litter at school.

A number of other schools and kindergartens in Marlborough have been transforming their lunchboxes with beeswax wraps, like Witherlea School, Marlborough Girls’ College, and Renwick Kindergarten.  If your school would like to use one of our Enviroschools Beeswax Wrap Kits for your own wrap-making session, email Anna at