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snails nga ngata

Fun with ngā ngata…snails!

This term, children at Kohungahunga Mayfield have been learning all about ngā ngata … snails.

Lots and lots of snails have been discovered in the gardens by the tamariki.  It is an exciting time when the discovery of these slimy little creatures is made.  So many conversations about the anatomy of the snail, the biggest, who has the most, and how many are going home at the end of the day!  Some of the tamariki have become experts at finding ngā ngata, particularly in the harakeke and vegetable gardens.

The tamariki have been very respectful of Tane Mahuta’s tamariki, building new habitats for them around the playground.  Tamariki have explored what snails eat, why they make bubbles, how snails move, and what is the best habitat for a happy snail! Snails