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Tuamarina School Pollard Park

Tua Marina School visit Pollard Park

Last week, the children in Room 4 at Tua Marina School spent a fabulous sunny day visiting Pollard Park in Blenheim.

The park curator, Brad, met the group, and showed them the huge flower beds.  Next they delved into the potager garden, where they learnt about growing fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables, and the importance of growing flowering herbs to attract bees into the garden.  The students were very interested to learn how a large garden and park is cared for, and they also had the opportunity to discover some of the history of the park.  After lunch, the children chose a plant and made their own botanical drawings, successfully using their artistic and observational skills to create informative and intricate drawings.

They also enjoyed exploring the wider park, including discovering some huge trees, the blooming camellia gardens, and of course, the wonderful playground to climb, slide and spin in.

Pollard Park is certainly a beautiful, changing, and fun place to visit, and a wonderful local resource for everyone to enjoy.