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Linkwater School

Linkwater School builds predator traps

An enthusiastic group of student carpenters at Linkwater School took action to help their local living landscape this week, by building wooden boxes that will house predator traps.  The students learnt all about how the traps work, and the special design that means that the traps are ideal for catching target predators like rats and stoats, but not pet cats and dogs, or native birds.  The project was part of the amazing Kiwi Can programme, and was all about showing respect to the local community, by making the environment safer for our precious native species.  The next step is for the students to take the traps home and record what they catch.  We look forward to an update: trapping predators can help native bird, insect and gecko populations to grow!

And if you’re wondering whether wigs are in style when doing carpentry in Linkwater, we think they might have had something to do with it also being “Wig Wednesday”.  Bonus points to Linkwater School for fundraising for the Child Cancer Foundation and taking action for the environment at the same time!