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Caretakers trip to Kaipupu Point

Caretakers get together

This year the team from Waikawa Bay School hosted the annual caretakers get together – with a surprise!

The school had arranged for the caretakers to travel by boat to see the Kaipupu Point trapping programme.  Rachel Russell from Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary gave a bit of background about the project, and then the caretakers walked up the hill to see a variety of traps and the spectacular view.  Waikawa Bay School is part of the Picton Dawn Chorus predator trapping programme, and wanted to show other schools why they were involved in predator trapping.

We returned to the school for a delicious lunch and then the students proudly showed off their trap line that runs just outside the school boundary.  The tour included one large rat that had just been caught! Caretakers then got a chance to look around the rest of the school with Jim, the school’s caretaker, as host.   Highlights included the new solar heating system on the school pool, and the very impressive edible gardens.