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Green Gold Collective at Renwick School

Renwick School hosts Green Gold Collective

It was a treat for teachers from our three Marlborough Green Gold schools to visit Renwick School this term.

Hosted by students in the Green Ferns group with support from their lead teachers, we saw a presentation on some of their actions for this year.  These included their school-wide BioBlitz in Term 2 and their Enviro-week in Term 3.  Students shared the learning that followed on from the BioBlitz, such as entries into the science fair.  The ‘Stream Team’ took us to see the changes they have been making to protect the school stream, including regular waste clean-ups and weeding sessions.  It was exciting to hear they have seen some fish and an eel living in what five years ago was a dirty drain.  We also got to visit the Kids Edible Garden where facilitator Lucy was helping the students to plan for planting out some summer crops.  All of the classes at Renwick School get to take part in the Kids’ Edible Garden programme.  The garden area that once used to house the school swimming pool now has four large raised garden beds, fruit trees, a potting shed, a compost area and a growing house.

All of the schools went away inspired with ideas, and it was fun to take part in the seed-tape making activity and be gifted a homegrown rosemary plant.  We are excited to see what you do next Renwick School!