Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

It’s not just July, it’s ‘Plastic Free July’!

A group of students at Witherlea School have got a head-start on Plastic Free July, and have spent all term learning about what happens to our waste.  They have visited Marlborough’s landfill and the resource recovery centre, which has given them a whole new perspective on how much work goes into taking care of the things that they have thrown ‘away’.  Following their exploration, the students have taken action, by designing and then creating useful objects out of recycled materials – particularly single-use plastics.

Check out some of their creations:



Using plastic bags and bottles to make something useful slows their journey to the recycling centre and ultimately, the landfill, and stops them getting blown away and ending up in rivers and the oceans.

Ka mau te wehi Witherlea!  We are super-impressed with your ingenuity and creativity.

If you are looking for inspiration, information or resources for Plastic Free July, check out  And don’t forget, there are even more resources in the ‘Zero Waste’ folder in our Google Drive.

We would love to see what your class, school or kindergarten is doing to reduce waste – you can email us your stories and photos, or submit them directly from our website.